Annual Show 2003


Nineteenth Championship Show

1st November 2003


Best Adult and Overall Best in Show: Mrs I Bang's Lafrebella Donatello (2a)M

Best Kitten:  Mrs C A Haley's Pizzacata Spartacus (2a)M

Best Neuter: Mrs J A Raffaelli Gr Ch & Gr Pr Lindenlea Reachfor Thesky (2a) MN

Best in Show Non-Pedigree: Mrs E Friday's India (Silver Tabby S.H.)


Class 302 Ch. of Ch. Female GRC Mrs D Haines Ch. Picturebook Moet 
Class 303 White Blue-eyed Male 1CC Mrs M Tenner Palemoon Peppermintice 
Class 304 White Blue-eyed Female 1CC Mrs J Mills Firanty Mistique 
Class 305 White Orange-eyed Male 1CC Mrs I Bangs 2nd Dr G Crat-Bakker Lafrebella Donatello Amzeni Careless Whisper 
Class 306 White Orange-eyed Female 1CC Mrs D Haines Ch. Picturebook Moet 
Class 308 White Odd-eyed Female 1CC Mrs J Mills Palemoon Bo Peep


Class 313 White Oranged-eyed (14wks - 6 Months) Male 1 Mrs C Haley Pizzacata Startacus 
Class 314 White Oranged-eyed (14wks - 6 Months) Female 1 Mrs C Haley 2 Mrs M Tenner 3 Mrs I Bangs Picturebook Living Doll Palemoon Lucia Lafrebella Eugenie 
Class 315 White Oranged-eyed (6 - 9 Months) Male 1 Mrs I Bangs Lafrebella Elijah Neuters: 
Class 321 Premier of Premier GrP Mrs J A Raffealli RP . Mrs H Bartlett GRC & GRP Lindenlea ReachFor TheSky GRP Zarisha Schneeprinz 
Class 325 White Orange-eyed Male 1PC Mrs J A Raffealli 2. Mrs H Bartlett 3 Mrs J Taylor GRC & GRP Lindenlea ReachFor TheSky GRP Zarisha Schneeprinz GRC & GRP Tasslehoff Jerome 
Class 326 White Orange-eyed Female 1 w/h 2. Mrs P Woodman Lafrebella Blanche 
Class 327 White Odd-eyed Male 1 Mrs V Mead Lafrebella Daniel

Show manager: Carol Pike

Schedules will be available from the following link to: GCCF Show Calendar