2015 Twenty Seventh Championship Show
5th September 2015

1st Twyford Scouts Hall
Lodden Hall Road,
TWYFORD, Berks. RG10 9JA

Best In Show Winners. 

Best in Show White Adult and Overall Best White Exhibit Ch Persilus Tyrion (PER w 62) M

Best in Show White Kitten Lafrebella Quando (PER w 62) M

Best in Show White Neuter GR PR Lafrebella Ortez (PER w 62)

Best in Show AOC Adult and Overall Best AOC Exhibit GR CH Lafrebella Obama (PER n) M

Best in Show AOC Kitten Simcris Jezebel (EXO n 03) F

Best in Show AOC Neuter Riascatz Creme de la Creme (PER e 03) MN

Best in Show Non Pedigree Poppy SH Brown Tortie FN

Best in Show Pedigree Pet and Overall best Household Pet Exhibit