Standard of Points


Standard of Points

The White Persian standard is based on the Persian Self Standard with additional requirements for the coat colour. General Type Standard The Self Persian should be a solid balanced cat, with a massive head in proportion to its body, which should be short and cobby with broad chest, short sturdy legs, large paws and a short full tail. The cat should a long flowing coat.

Head and Ears: 

Head round and massive with great breadth of skull; well balanced. Small, round-tipped ears, set wide apart and low on the head, fitting into the rounded contour of the head with full ear furnishings but not unduly open at he base. Full cheeks; round forehead. Short broad nose of even width with stop (break). Nose leather fully formed. Strong chin and full muzzle with broad and powerful jaws, without a 'pinch'. Short thick neck.


Large full round eyes; brilliant in colour and set well apart. Bold and not deep set. 


Large or medium in size; of cobby type; low on the legs. Broad deep chest; massive shoulders and rump; well muscled. 

Legs and Paws:

Short thick strong legs. Large round firm paws, preferably well tufted. Toes carried close; five in front, four behind.Tail: Short and bushy but in proportion to body length.


Long and thick. Fine in texture; not excessively woolly. Soft and full of life. Full frill covering the shoulders and continuing into a deep frill between the front legs. Cats should be shown in good general condition and will presented. 

Coat Colour: 

Pure white, free of marks or shade of any kind nose leather, eye rims and paw pads pink 

Note: White kittens sometimes have some coloured hairs on the head and should not be penalised for this.

A new system of breed numbering came in to force, bringing GCCF registered cats in line with other governing bodies. Please find these new breed numbers in the PDF document here EMSCodes